Police Tracking Nylon Dog Leash Features Massive Solid Brass Snap with Smart Lock

L99##1128 Nylon Leash with Smart Snap Hook



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Type standard leash
Color black
Length 6 ft (180 cm)
Material nylon
Intended Use tracking, walking, training, patrolling
Width 3/4 inch (20 mm)
Hardware Material brass
Design classic
Snap Hook Type standard
Padded Handle no
Handle yes
Floating O-Ring yes

All-Weather Professional Nylon Dog Leash for Dog Police Training

Do you want to engage your pet in various activities? If you are about to make your Dog a good police tracking canine – we have an ideal training tool to offer you. Super strong nylon dog leash with special snap hook is introduced here. This equipment is developed intentionally for police and military dogs. It is constructed of 2 ply nylon material, and a strengthened snap hook with certain lock is sewn into it. It is a convenient and effective facility for work with large and powerful canine, his necessary training.

Using the gear you will have total control over behavior of your four-legged friend. This product has rather reasonable price taking into account its utilities. This lead is a professionals’ pick! It can stand different pulling loads so even being too powerful a dog will hardly break it. It is carefully stitched in main points – near snap hook to make it stay fixed and not to be pulled out. The handle is comfortable to hold – it is soft and does not skin rubbing. It is also stitched near the end to form a loop. 

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    • Professional Nylon Dog Leash for Police Training of DogProfessional Dog Leash - Nylon-Made Weatherproof for Dog
    • Training Dog Leash Nylon Equipped with Strong Snap HookNylon Dog Leash with Massive Snap Hook for Dog Training

  • Dog Leash Nylon Meant for Police Work of DogHandmade Nylon Dog Leash Easy in Usage for Dog
  • Dog Leash Nylon Special Design with Securely Stitched Brass Snap HookNylon Dog Leash with Cast Brass Snap Hook Relialbe Stitched by Hand

Key features of this Dog Leash Made of Nylon:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide double ply nylon
  • wet resistant material
  • does not absorb wet and dirt
  • double security smart lock
  • extremely solid non-corrodible brass snap hook
  • stitched in major locations
  • floating solid brass ring on the handle
  • super strong

Intended use of this Nylon Dog Lead:

  • tracking
  • walking
  • training
  • patrolling
  • police service

Sizes available:

  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

You hesitate about getting another dog leash? Are not you sure whether you really need this leash or not? Not sure that you want to spend several bucks for it? And actually you already have one...BUT!

  1. This leash will never lose its awesome look because you and your dog are suddenly caught in the rain. Nylon material will dry fast and have the same look and shape as before getting wet! No weather conditions can prevent you from taking your Dog out if you own this nylon tool. Do not care about the weather - do involve your pet in popular occupations! This leash will be your good assistant mean.
  2. This leash will serve you for years and it is unlikely that your dog will be able to tear it. By the way nylon is super resistant to abrasion. It will serve for about 20 years if not more!
  3. “All synthetic materials lose their color under water”. Hardly! Nylon is not the kind of materials. Its color will be bright and beautiful!
  4. And if you think it is harmful and toxic for your dog you are terribly wrong! Nylon is fully safe and non-toxic in use.
  5. In addition, the "save your time" snap hook is brass-made. 2 things that we can learn about this material at once are its light weight and resistance to corrosion and rust. Think, that it is a perfect time to grab this leash and go for having fun under rain! But take care - do not catch a cold!

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Police Tracking Nylon Dog Leash Features Massive Solid Brass Snap with Smart Lock

Police Tracking Nylon Dog Leash Features Massive Solid Brass Snap with Smart Lock

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