Dog Leather Coupler Braided



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Type coupler
Color black and brown
Length 12 inch (30 cm)
Material full grain genuine leather
Intended Use walking several dogs
Width 3/4 inch (20 mm)
Hardware Material brass
Design braided
Snap Hook Type standard
Padded Handle no
Handle no
Floating O-Ring no

Braided Leather Coupler for Dog Walking

Do you have two dogs? Want to simplify the process of walking them together? Get this Dog Leash Couplers, that is perfect solution for those dog owners who have several dogs. Using it you will be able to walk and control two dogs of the same or different size at the same time! Made of strong full grain genuine leather the leash won’t stretch or tear even if it is used every day. Moreover, it is durable enough to withstand overload when your pets pull too hard.
So if you want to enjoy the outdoors taking both of your dogs for a walk, order this Leather Coupler and you will get what you want!

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  • Leather Braided Dog Coupler LeashDog 12 inch Braided Leather Coupler
  • Braided Leather Dog Coupler with Brass Snap Hooks Leather Dog Braided Coupler with 2 Brass Snap Hooks
  • Braided Leather Dog Coupler with Brass O-ringBrass O-ring for Leash Attachment on Dog Coupler
  • Braided Leather Dog Coupler for Walking 2 Dogs Walking Leather Dog Braided Coupler for 2 Dogs

The key characteristics of this Dog Leather Coupler:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide smooth leather
  • braided design
  • solid brass snap hooks
  • O-ring for leash attachment

Intended use of this Dog Leather Coupler:

  • walking two dogs

Available sizes:

  • 12 inch (30 cm)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

Several facts you need to know about this Leather Coupler:

  1. This leather coupler is very easy in use - just attach a usual long leash to durable O-ring and snap hooks to your pets’ collars or harnesses.
  2. It is made of premium quality durable leather material, so it fits perfectly for handling such big dogs as your Dog. Besides, it is reliably stitched for better durability with strong nylon thread, that’s why you won’t lose its parts even during excessive pulling.
  3. The hardware, in particular, two snap hooks and O-ring for leash attachment, is made of brass. This material is well-known for its rust and corrosion resistance.
  4. And one more advantage of this Coupler is that it will save your money. Its price is lower than if you buy two separate leashes.

About Dog Leather Coupler Braided

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Dog Leather Coupler Braided

Dog Leather Coupler Braided

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