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  • Braided Leather Dog Leash with Nappa Padded Handle for Dog Do you need a better control over your Dog? Choose this Braid Decorated Leather Canine Leash for Dog breed. Manufactured of the best sort of leather the leash will serve you and your dog for many years. It will easily withstand heavy training loads and its gorgeous look and fine quality will...

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    Braided Leather Coupler for Dog Walking Do you have two dogs? Want to simplify the process of walking them together? Get this Dog Leash Couplers, that is perfect solution for those dog owners who have several dogs. Using it you will be able to walk and control two dogs of the same or different size at the same time! Made of strong full grain genuine...

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  • Stitched Leather Dog Leash for Dog Are you seeking for durable and reliable canine leash suitable for walking and training? Try this Stitched Leather Leash which will be an excellent choice for different dog activities. Training, walking, patrolling, tracking, even military service - everything is possible with this Leash! Being made of extra strong full...

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  • Stitched Short Leather Dog Leash for Dog Does not your Dog obey you? This problem can be easily solved! Get today ideal canine equipment to manage your pet in any situation. Classic short leather dog leash is offered on this web-page. It is  available in black and brown colors. This dog gear is meant for training, walking, controlling, patrolling. The...

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  • Comfortable Leather Dog Leash (Pull Tab) for Dog Do you want to control your dog easily? Have you ever dreamt to become the owner of the most practicable dog leash? With this durable item, it will be possible to control your full of energy Dog without any problems. Walking and training activities with your doggy will become more comfortable and safe....

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  • Multipurpose Leather Dog Leash for Dog Walking and Training Do you need multifunctional reliable canine leash? Try this Leather Dog Leash that is two ways adjustable. Its ergonomic design allows you to use the leash in different lengths and for different purposes. The leash is manufactured of genuine leather material therefore it is durable, reliable,...

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  • Comfortable Leather Dog Leash for Dog with Nappa Padded Handle Are walking and training activities with your Dog a real torture for you? Do you suffer from rubbing your hands during handling your full of energy doggy? Do you dream to change your old leash for a new one, that is more comfortable in use and pleasant to the touch? Attention! This Wonderful...

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  • Multipurpose Leather Dog Leash for Dog Walking, Tracking and Training Are you seeing for good tracking and training leash for your Dog? Relaxed communication with your dog is possible if you are the holder of our Baby Soft Long Dog Leash. This thoughtfully designed Dog Leash is an excellent tool in bringing up your canine. The number of activities you can...

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  • High Quality Black Leather Dog Leash for Dog Walking and Training Do you want to cope with your pet's power during daily outings? Is your Dog active and strong canine? Comfortable dog leash is the best accessory for an experienced pet handler. It helps to control even the strongest canine and correct his behavior. If you look for durable and reliable dog...

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  • Durable Leather Coupler for Walking 2 Dog Dogs Do you have 2 dogs? It is difficult for you to walk them at the same time? Then, try this High-Quality Leather Coupler for walking two dogs simultaneously. This coupler because it is strong, durable and practicable. It is made of the strong latigo leather that provides the item with long-lasting service....

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  • Braided Show Leather Dog Leash for Dog Tired of constantly rubbing hands while managing your Dog? Want to get rid of it? We offer you this exclusive leather leash that will help you to control your dog with pleasure and without any discomfort. This leash is very durable and allows to manage even the strongest canines providing you with utmost comfort....

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  • Short Leather Dog Leash with Between-Fingers Handle for Dog Are you seeking for a quality short leash for better control of the dog or more comfortable taking him out of a car? This Special Handmade Leather Leash with Comfy Round Handle will fit your Dog never better. The design of this dog leash allows you to handle it between fingers, so you can quickly...

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